System Project

Litogini proposes several projects System developed over the years in collaboration with professionals and high-profile partners. The modular designs solve complex issues, often solve the problems of the entire sector and are functional to local conditions. Among the most significant projects we present:


Colombo Domus logo

Colombo Domus is the residential urban module of prestige, sustainable, independent energy, water, waste and services, aimed at local and international clients, customizable for every part of the world. The construction is done in an predominantly with local materials, to make buildings in harmony with the environment, more livable and in line with the territory and advanced technology to ensure maximum comfort to the inhabitants.

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Industrial PortTM is a system design of infrastructure to attract investors and companies to develop in a sustainable way the industrial and manufacturing sector, particularly suitable for developing countries and also to those countries that want to refurbish the free zones.

Create the project infrastructure with a regional planning can expand to follow the needs of the country, with solutions of road systems, construction and production of electricity from renewable sources which are independent and functioning, even in inland areas devoid of electricity grid and logistics.

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OasiHospitale logo

OasiHospitale is a project developed for system modules for sustainable responses to the Health of the Country, particularly where it is to be realized or readjust to the new requirements. The module adapts to the territory because developed by disease to treat, and availability of resources, facilities, materials, delivery and recycling of water and energy, etc .. as well as the operation of facilities, financial resources, etc ..

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Hollywood Adventures Logo

Hollywood Adventures is a Trade Mark, Patents, Know How and the most up to date technologies in the leisure field. Into Hollywood Adventures staff there are the most famous international professionals in the sectors of theme parks, cinema production, events, attractions, and the most sophisticated and innovative special effects of Hollywood production. It means that our professional activity has its operative roots in all the continents.

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