OasiHospitale Project

Oasi Hospitale ProjectThe Project was developed to provide answers - sustainable - the needs of the people of a given territory, such as diseases to cure, means to access the facilities, operating characteristics, materials, facilities, water and electricity available, as well as the operation of facilities, available funds, etc ..

The Project is divided with some Major Hospitals - positioned in areas of higher population density - and a series of Peripheral Units, made in the vicinity of villages and connected to the MH with services of transport people and goods.

The Peripheral Units structures are equipped with 70-100 beds and departments related to the treatment of diseases of the territory. These structures are modular and expandable for beds, wards and services
The Peripheral Units designed as points of First Aid, are able to provide assistance to the most important needs of patients, such as first aid, analysis, day hospital, vaccinations, dental care, ozone therapy, fractures, etc ... providing care and treatment for all Where it does not need long-term care.

For severe cases the patient will be transferred to OP.
A connection with ambulances and transport, as well as Mobile Units with "Operating Rooms" will be traveling to completion for optimal functionality of the entire project of Health Country
This architecture central-device allows to minimize the number of hospital beds Main - reduction of hospitalizations by 60-80% - as the majority of people will find the right care at the Peripheral Units placed in the villages.

The Health Project Country articulated so will:

lower cost of infrastructure
speed and modularity realizable
greater functionality and usability for the population
lower social cost
Health infrastructure will be implemented gradually, with small budgets, with immediate benefit for the population, even with the use of limited financial resources.

Attached is the concept of Main Hospital representing a structure of 200 beds, fully equipped, workable in countries development.

The Country Health project is developed by a working group formed by a team of engineers with extensive experience in the design and construction of hospital facilities, related facilities, logistics and management.

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